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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upside Trades?

Upside Trades is a paid subscription service that offers real time trade alerts for stocks and options, including long term and short term trade ideas. We will provide real time trade alerts 2-3 times per day for various stocks that will give you an edge for consistently locking in profits when trading.

How Does Upside Trades Work?

We send 2-3 trade alerts per day in real-time via SMS and Email (trade alerts posted on our private Twitter account). The service cost less than $2 per day and there are no long term contracts. We use a combination of fundamental, technical, and other means to develop our daily trade research and ideas. We do the research so that you don’t have to. Take the guesswork out of trading and get real-time trade alerts that tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell.

How many trade alerts per day and week will you send?

We will provide 2-3 trade alerts per day and anywhere from 10-15 per week. This includes both Buy and Sell Trade alerts.

How do you choose your stock trades?

We perform extensive research combining both fundamental and technical analysis using many different sources and methods to determine what we believe are the best stock trades of the day or week, or even month.

What is the 7 Day Free Trial and How Does it Work?

We give you a 7-day Free Trial so that you can test-drive our service and see firsthand how everything works. When you sign up, we will ask for your payment information, but your credit card will NOT be charged during the first 7 days. The service is free for the first 7 days and the first charge doesn’t get billed to your credit card until the 8th day. Cancel your account anytime during the first 7 days and you will NOT be charged, ensuring you get a full 7 days to try our service.

Is this a Trading Platform? Do you make the trades for me?

This is not a Trading Platform and we do not make the trades for you. This is a trade alert service that provides stock picks and option trade ideas in real-time. You make your own trades and we just provide you with the information. Our trades tell you exactly when to buy and when to sell with precise entry and exit points. You always maintain 100% control over your portfolio and you always execute the trades yourself. We just tell you what to buy and when to sell.

Do you only send trade alerts for Stocks?

Most of our trades will be focused on equities (stocks) listed on NYSE and NASDAQ, but we reserve the right to send trade alerts for options trades and crypto currency trade ideas.

How do I get billed each month?

The service is free for the first 7 days, then $49 per month after the free trial period expires. When you sign up for the service, we will ask for your billing information, but we will NOT charge your card during the first 7 days. If your account remains open after the first 7 days, your card will be charged $49 per month. You can cancel anytime and there are no hidden fees or cancellation fees. All payments are processed by PayPal.

What if I forget my password?

Go to the login screen and click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions for resetting your password. Our system will send you an automated email to reset your password.

What is the average hold time for the stock picks?

We separate our trade alerts into 2 categories: long term trades and short term trades. Each time we send a trade alert, we will use the “Long Term Trade” or “Short Term Trade” label to let you know if we think the trade will be a long term trade or a short term trade.

Do your trade alerts include the exit price target?

Yes. Each time we send a buy trade alert, we will also indicate our expected price target for each trade. Meaning, if we send a trade alert to buy Microsoft at $100, that trade alert will also include our price target for where we expect to exit the trade.

Do you get paid to promote specific stocks or companies?

Absolutely not. We never get paid by companies or third parties to promote a specific stock, ensuring there will never be a conflict of interest. Our trade picks are backed by our own internal research and we only issue trade alerts on stocks and options that we believe will yield gains for our subscribers.