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Real results.

Proven track record. 

No trader is 100% right all the time, but we never hide our losing trades. We take the wins with the losses & transparency is what makes us different. 

Transparent trade history

Unlike most trade alert services, we always post 100% of our trades, even if we exit the trade with a loss. No trader can be correct on timing 100% of the time and while we do our best to minimize the total number of losing trades, we will always tell you if we're exiting a trade with a loss.


Below you will find a list of our recently closed trades. We separate our trade alerts into 2 categories: long term trades and short term trades. Some trades are intended to be held for longer periods of time (30 days+) while others are focused on short term gains (7 days or less) and we break our trades out into 2 different categories to ensure our subscribers have guidance on timing for achieving set price targets. 

Performance calculations above include 100% of all closed trades ONLY for 2020 YTD, including net gains AND losses.

At any given time, we are currently holding 10-30 open positions at a LOSS in our CURRENT PORTFOLIO with the expectation that these positions will eventually rebound. We publish 100% of all closed trades (gains AND losses) to our Performance Page and the performance calculations shown above get automatically updated in real-time as current trades get closed out. It's simple math. We buy ABC stock for price X and sell that stock for price Y with either a gain or a loss on the trade. The performance calculations listed on this page are the sum of 100% of our closed trades, including the trades that resulted in a LOSS. There is no division, no multiplication and we do NOT annualize our performance numbers. 

This is NOT a get rich quick service. This is NOT a day trading service. 

Trade History for Short Term Stock Picks

Trade History for Long Term Stock Picks

2020 YTD


Short Term Trade History

This page gets updated as trades are made. Refresh this page to see the latest data.

Perfomace Short Term Table
Perfomac Long Term Table

Long Term Trade History

This page gets updated as trades are made. Refresh this page to see the latest data.

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